Healing Prayer and Alpha Course

We held the first of hopefully many monthly Healing Prayer Meetings on Saturday, 20 June.  This has been on the cards for some time, but as the number of people needing prayer has grown on our pew leaflet, it has become more urgent. Clare Houston met with Rose Stephenson and they felt the Healing Prayer Meeting should be convened .  About 25 people came.  Tim McGowan led worship.  There was a time of quiet, listening to God, followed by praying through the prayer list and laying hands on people.

Also on the theme of prayer, Rodger Stewart, has produced our Prayer Newsletter for July.  He reminds us about our focus on Mission this year and the two key events about to unfold in this respect:


We have the Holiday Bible Club that we are hosting from the 29 June to 3 July.  It is a combined team effort of a number of local churches.  We have to limit the numbers to 300 children (ages 4 years to Grade 4), although the demand is probably several times this.


The Alpha Course has been a feature of parish life since Colin Peattie introduced it in 1994 (when All Souls was part of Stanger Parish still).  In the early stages we were running two Alpha courses a year.  We held our first Alpha Course in the new church at the end of 2011, with the larger, newer facilities lending themselves to this kind of event.  Tim McGowan is picking up the ball and running with Alpha again.