A New Bishop For Natal

Thank you to all who prayed for the Elective Assembly that was held in the Cathedral in Pietermaritzburg this week to elect the next Bishop of Natal.  This was a weighty matter.  For those not familiar with the broader Anglican Church, a bishop has oversight over all the clergy in the diocese and the churches therein.  A bishop ordains new ministers and appoints (licenses) existing ministers to various church posts.

A bishop also does a lot more besides!  This I gained insight into with the debates that happened in the Elective Assembly.   It wasn’t a straightforward affair and took two days before a nominee gained over two-thirds of the votes in both the House of Clergy AND the House of Laity.

The President of the Elective Assembly, Archbishop Thabo, was pleased to announce yesterday afternoon that Bishop Dino Gabriel had been elected by the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Natal to be our next bishop.  Bishop Dino is currently serving as the Bishop of Zululand.  Please pray for Bishop Dino and his wife, Elizabeth, and family as they absorb the significance of the result to them and their own diocese. Pray for the other nominees who had the courage to let their names go forward to the Elective Assembly – that God affirms each nominee’s particular calling and vocation going forward.


While on the matter of prayer, don’t forget that tomorrow is the third Saturday of the month and we have a Healing Prayer meeting at the church from 9.30am to 10.30am. Come be prayed for.

Bishop Dino