Family Fun Day 2015

The only event to promote this week is our Family Fun Day!  It is at All Souls this Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.  Everybody is welcome.

There is a KIDS-ZONE down at the bottom car-park with Splat-the-Rat, Magnet Fishing, Sandpit Treasure, Paint-Machine, Bucket-Challenge, Face Painting, Bubbles, Balloons, Jumping Castle and a Pre-School Bike Track.  (The road down to this area will be closed off.)

There is a YOUTH-ZONE on the grass in front of the church office with Footy-Games, a Slippy-Slide (using borehole water), a Zip-line (hopefully), Gladiator Games and Rocket Swings.

There is a TEA-ZONE in the garden quad between the Church and Sunday School Rooms with places to sit, live music, various vendors to buy food from as well as cool drinks.  If you buy bacon-and-egg rolls you will be supporting the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund.  If you buy cool drinks you will be supporting Summer Hill House.  Some volunteers from Specialised Rescue Service will be on hand for any medical emergencies and will also receive a donation from the event.

There is an entrance fee of R20 per person, for which you get a complimentary serving of Tea and Cake.  This is an ideal Saturday outing for parents or grandparents with children.

Everybody is invited, so let all your friends on the North Coast know about it!  (This could be their first impression of church and a fun one at that…)

Family Fun Day 2015