An Untamed God

While the Anglicans Ablaze conference that I went to in Joburg seems like a long time ago (early July), many of the talks have sat with me since then.  In a sense the passing of time has allowed me to distil a few things.

This past Sunday I picked up on an idea from a talk by Revd Canon Dr Andrew Sheldon entitled, “The Sacrament that won’t Keep Still.”  While he looked at what children reveal to us about God and then moved on to look at the concept of “Godly play”, I took a slightly different angle on Sunday to preach about “An Untamed God”.

I spoke about right-sizing God by keeping in tension God’s gracious love and awesome holiness; God’s fierceness and playful child-likeness.  Then, of course, there was the “So What?” of how we need to respond to such a God like children.

If you missed the sermon you can view it here –

Jesus and children